Is It Worth Using Photoshop with Made-to-Order Products During the Madness Season of the Year?

The holidays are a hectic time of year for many people, but they can be especially so for those who sell made-to-order products. Photoshop might seem like an attractive tool to use during this madness because it makes the process easier and more efficient.

However, there are problems that Photoshop can’t get around, and you need to prepare before the chaos ensues. In this article, we’ll talk about how well Photoshop fits in print-on-demand environments. And what the challenges associated with Photoshop usage during the holiday season are!

Personalized with the Photoshop

Creating a specific design, also known as Personalized, happens when you receive an order. Of course, the number of orders is only a few per day for an ordinary time of the year. It doesn’t seem that difficult if there is well-organized management, which has easy-to-follow steps:

1. Classified the Folders

Divide the folders needed for each item into categories- For example, the product you want to sell is Christmas Ornament, so create one folder for it, and then subdivide it into

• PSD: PSD file only

• Order: PNG designs (that customers ordered)

• Preview: An Overview (send to customers)

• Characters: Cliparts

2. Save Design Template

You might not want to assemble all the clipart piece by piece every time an order comes in, right? That is why laying out the elements for each item and saving them as a template is necessary!

For example, in the Halloween theme, We have laid out the base of the design. By placing all the necessary clipart pieces as a model.

• Body: All skin tone colors

• Sweatshirt: All Shirt Design

• Objects: Drinks, Hats, Accessories, etc.

• Backgrounds

Settings and saving up the base will help your workflow run smoothly and be easy to memorize since you didn’t sell the only product in the store anyway!

I believe we all know the Visibility function- opening and closing the eye, then dragging some other elements such as a hairstyle or a pet. Only a few clicks, you guys! A good start is half the battle won, one said.

But it’s a different story when it comes to the holiday rush. Anything you think you’ve been able to handle well may hit you hard. In addition to classification, preparation, before that time comes, is another portion as well.

Personalized in Photoshop during the Season

Because we present the product as Personalized, which means each assembly needs to pay closer attention, no matter how big or small it is. Whether it is the hairstyle, skin color, name, quote, or even the pet size and the enemy you definitely do not want to meet during this time is a mistake! It also means you have to work against time!

And as mentioned, classification and template design saving are essential. Otherwise, it’s like walking barefoot into the fire, even if it is cold outside. Because after this is pure madness!

1. Too much Requirement

Everything isn’t always the way you wish, even if you’ve created the boundaries. It was unsatisfactory to find orders that overstepped the limits, like, purchase one mug but wanted to put ten people on it, oh crap!

What happens is whatever template you have prepared turns out unnecessary in a blink- and having to reassemble all the clipart piece by piece. You will learn at this time: that there is no form beyond customer needs! While rejecting or canceling them will cause you more work.

2. Use multiple windows to work

In addition to Photoshop, you will need to open the orders page and the folders, which means there are up to 3 pages that must work together.

But why not put everything in Photoshop and save it as a template then? We like to inform you once again that you are not selling the only item! The number of products and lists that you sell is limitless. Above all, your “used space” may not be enough to hold the heaviness of all cliparts you have in store. That is one of the complicated parts.

3. Layout Management

Delicateness and accuracy will lead to reviews- note it! Because the work you do will actually be sent into the production process. That’s why composition is so important and takes time.

Not every customer will have the same hairstyle, skin color, or the same name. You must arrange those personalized yourself, and most of all by doing reckless work, hair to the left, body to the right. If you do that, prepare yourself to say goodbye forever to this business!

The more you hurry, the more flustered, and Photoshop itself can not help shorten this process for you. Say that Photoshop may only help you at the primary part but can not help you rearrange the Specific elements or store all your essentials in one place at this rushing hour.

And, of course, before the creation of the work can come out correctly. You must have a reliable management process to make it easy to get through the Holiday Season!

Personalized Matters

As I said, you’re the one who sets the limits of making personalized products. To do that, you have to create a ‘Form’ to let them select all the choices themselves, but above all, you are the one who sets that boundary! Easy as that!


No, not at all! There are slight problems hidden behind this kind of business, Which I believe personalizers must have faced before. And it will be going on and on, like this, as long as you are in the field!

– Missing Details

Even though you have set the form and let them copy/paste it, they might be missing or don’t feel like doing it the way you did. Things like this happen all the time! Whether the name is refraining, forgetting to choose a quote, not picking skin color, or selecting a different body and head color, even more, write everything as long lines without spacing it.

– Real Details

Instead of the number that you set, they added frank details. Which makes it unclear whether what hairstyle they want with this color? Plus, giving us a species of the pet without proper info.

– Request a Preview

Many buyers want to get an overview before placing it into production. Due to the doubt of the choice, they have chosen. Will it certainly suit their needs? In addition to creating only a personalized design, we have to make a second step: a preview, then come with the third: sending process.

– Need some change

After sending the preview, we have to wait until getting a response or a confirmation from them, which may take up to one or two days! Not all they might need an adjustment, so you have to go back to the first step: creating a design and repeating these steps.

– No Response

The lack of response is another phase you will encounter. It may cause you more difficulties than you think.

Not only the incomplete information. But also being unable to contact with, above all, making a design with a half-done work will exactly affect your store. It likewise delays the production process, no doubt!

That’s why we need powerful management, to generally deal with all these problems!


I must say that the continuity of the work in every step is the heart of doing business. You don’t want to trip over your legs because you think these plans are just options, for sure!

Photoshop itself is like a first-aid kit that does its job well on an ordinary day. But in the meantime, Photoshop may not be the perfect answer in a critical hour, like Holiday Season.

And even more, with personalization, we may need a tool that helps us shorten these steps- Perhaps Podsonaly can be that answer for you!

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