Squid Game Trending: Ideas to Adapt for Print-On-Demand Product

As you know, Halloween season is coming in late this month and Halloween in the time is not only normal season because everyone waiting to wear a spooky costume and celebrate Halloween party after coronavirus pandemic clashes the world around 1 year half ago. So, That’s the reason why we shouldn’t miss to make money from the season and today we’ve POD case study from the hot K-series from Netflix “ Squid game

Squid game is trending these days. This squid game has gained much popularity in the last few months and it is no surprise that squid games are everywhere, including our product listing page.
So, We want to share with you how squid game trends can be adapted for print-on-demand products!

Design focus
Please notice, Squid game is Netflix series. Be careful if you thinking about steal the design from the official logo, Serie Name or etc. it’s too risky for illegal and you will get ban from the 3rd marketplace. So, I recommended about player tracking suite and tee number because it’s just a basic design/color but very representative as players from the series

Research path
If your check the “ Squid game ” keyword on Google trend, squid game is one of the most searched terms this month. The graph going up to higher, I think this time very suitable to sell costumes for Halloween but google trend just says the trend on social and search volume. We should go to check product volume in 3rd party marketplace next.

One of my favorite marketplaces to get inspire POD ( or Personalized design) ideas is Etsy because this place has sellers from local and sellers from big businesses. it offers a wide variety of ideas.
So, When I was checked “Squid game” keyword you will see products related to the keyword

Normally, I will check the first 20 products from the search result. In this image you will see 4,155 results it’s not too much hard for does marketing and next checked they have any POD product on the result. I drew the red frame for POD product and I was interested in it. Checked every listing detail and note it.

When I got the design idea from Etsy. I will go to Amazon.com for proving the idea and product again.
I want to specific to the costume so I typed “Squid game costume” in the search box and I found the interesting result is 274 results (Very low) and I saw one “squid game costume” of listing on this page is #Best seller

When you enter this listing you will be surprised. Boom! it’s got the number 1 ranking of Women’s clothes categories!

Keyword and product proved!

But I wonder if I can dropship this from China? So I go to Aliexpress and look for a Squid Game-style outfit. Found, Done, and Cheap. But the delivery time is a big problem because the item will arrive in the US on Nov 4th, too late for Halloween.

Skip this plan.

Keep doing!, going to check the product from other Print-on-demand providers like Gearbubble, Printify, Printful, etc. Who’s can send the order on time.

Finally, I found a jacket that design and color look like a squid game tracksuit from CustomCat.

JST60 Jersey-Lined Jacket in Forest Green/White color looks good!

Next, put a designed number like the main character wear on the jacket in the proper area and position.

It isn’t 100% the exact, but worth trying, and you can jump in for a Halloween season just in time.

Extra Tip: If you use Shopify to run your business, you can use the personalized text function for the design number from CustomCat (Podsonaly can also do that). Or if you are still confused Where should I sell Print-on-demand products between eCommerce Platforms vs. Online Marketplaces? this article will help you before you decide.

Summary detail

Concept idea: Squid Game series from Netflix

Tool needed: Photoshop, Podsonaly, CustomCat

Provider recommended: CustomCat

Audient: K-drama Fans, Halloween Costumes

Hope this article can assist you. See you next!

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