TM Bans Preventing: Tips and Tricks for Personalized Products

A trademark is a design, logo, or word that identifies a company’s products and allows them to distinguish itself from other companies. 

Customizing your product with this type of artwork can lead to copyright infringement problems if you don’t do it right! But there are some ways to customize your items without breaking any rules!

Before, reaches that point. Let’s see how far you understand the way of Custom Products.

If you follow us until this chapter, you must know how many topics can include with this niche.

But Still wonder? What’s the difference from the normal one that we usually do? Let me tell you that this is the next step in making a custom product. It’s wondrous where the world of imagination can become true. And it’s a world that no matter how old you grow, you still want to connect and be a part of it.

The specialty of this world is how it’s turning your ordinary day into a magical universe, space warfighter, and a villain slayer who defeated all the injustice things.

Which you can do with whoever you envision, whether it:

  • Best friends in robes with a magic wand
  • Father and Son fighting the rascals
  • or a Couple who travel in the spaceship

It’s all possible, and of course, at any time, season, place, and theme, for sure!

This all sounds like most people’s preferences. But we made it more specific and became “The only item for one person only.” It is the masterpiece of the Personalized world where your imagination won’t just stay in your head anymore.

Well, tea break is now over. It’s time for the main dish!

How to escape from being banned?

1. Copyright artwork

There are tons of artwork on the internet. But if you, using it without permission, you will be blown away by the wind. The solution is simple. Buy a licensed one!

2. Title, keyword & descriptions

The big boss of the problem is here! Because we all know how strict the copyright owner is with TM products like this. And what we are going to do is using their signature to make money. That makes us 100 times be more careful than usual. Which method is

  • Do not use their Brand name or logo directly.
  • Any abbreviations in cartoons or movies are forbidden!
  • Use generic terms that feel relevant, such as, Wizard, Magical World, Castle Best Friend, Superheroes, Princess, Custom Wars, Lightsabers, etc.

You might think that others can do it. Why can’t I?

Look at the current results on a search page by using their brand name directly. The result is only at a thousand items which are unusual if compared to the popularity.

Why is that? Because they don’t waste time deleting it piece by piece. The easier way is, Delete your account.

3. Reasonable price

When it comes to TM work, Many people are interested and want to do this kind of stuff because it can generate substantial profits.

Which is may cause a problem! Because if you set the prices that cut off other stores, moreover your designs are flawless. Let’s say that you might come across a complaint and report that will be making your account being in the spotlight until got suspended.

But don’t be crumble and think that I probably won’t be able to do it. Think of it as another level that you have to pass, and before reaching that point, you have to take the first step first.

Pin this on the board that you will come back and conquer this tier when you’re ready and confident enough! You may knock your competitors down. Who’s know what’s going to happen?


Creativity and being unstoppable in developing is the spirit of doing business. So ask yourself: What are your likes and interests? Then make yours better! And you’ll be surprised how fun and how much power it can lead to you!

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