Where should I sell Print-on-demand products between eCommerce Platforms vs. Online Marketplaces?

One of the problems that online people have to face. It is the inevitable question that “Where should I sell stuff? ” Between a big marketplace like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay, or creating my own website?

Are you wondering what the difference is? Since we are selling them online anyway. It is a common question, but not easy to find the answer.

But we are telling you that it is different, especially with the Print on Demand (POD) sales. So the next question is How different will it be?

In this article, we will search through the Advantages and Disadvantages of these two options. If you are ready, let’s get started!

Marketplace Platform vs. Your own website

Think as if you are a buyer looking for a gift. Which place will you think of first? Of course, it has to be a mainstream market like Amazon, eBay, Etsy or etc. Why is that?

Because they are big merchants, people remember them as a leading brand. Who got trusted, whether it by word of mouth or received the results from what they ordered. It also includes the rules that the seller must follow. That is when credibility has built up, and trust is born in both buyers and sellers. As a result, the brand got valued higher over time.

And most importantly, buyers know very well that if they have to face a dishonest seller, they will get protection from the brand. Made the credibility was even more raise, which reliability builds loyalty and will eventually turn into money.

While if you start building your own website. Buyers may not feel the assurance at this point. And you may need an initial amount of money for creating your website page, but surely the shop you build will completely be yours.

However, that does not mean the third party is free! You have to pay fees and percentages for each item, which is not good in the long term it could cost you more in contrast to creating your own website.

POD in the Third-Party Marketplace

Print-on-demand production does not seem to fit in big markets like Amazon or eBay, as these two are more focused on stock products and fast service. But that does not mean they are ignorant of the Personalized trend. You will be able to find a spread of POD items but not quite as much.

Instead of Etsy, this is a good platform for new sellers with less capital and who do not want to stock products themselves, but at the same time, you have to be prepared to face many competitors for tens of thousands under these big markets, for good!

POD on your own e-Commerce Website

When reputed as your own, you can sell anything on your website without limits, restrictions, or rules. The difference you pay to the Marketplace will decrease. The profit will increase, so you can use that money to develop the website and promote sales independently. Whether organize marketing promotions or joining in partnerships will not be limited under the policy anymore.

Let take a closer look at the Pros and Cons:

Third-Party Pros 👍Third-Party Cons👎 

– Reliable website
– Already have a customers base
– Get started with a low cost
– Easy to use for beginners
– No need to handle the technical stuff
– Low-profit margin
– Pay a fee for the items sold per sell
– Must comply with policies and regulations
– May get banned for violating the rules
– Buyers will recognize you under the brand name, not your store name
– Many competitors are ready to undercut sell
– Can not keep customer data details
– Unable to inform promotions, new product announcements, or communicate directly with customers in the future
– Cut the opportunities of running the promotion marketing because of the capabilities or the policies. Customers may need to access that website if they are willing to buy through that platform.
Web Owner Pros 👍Web Owner Cons👎
– High-profit margin
– Reduce expenses
– Do not have to pay a percentage
– Be the master of your brand and got completely control
– No need to worry that the store will get shut as long as you use trustworthy suppliers and keep things backed up
– Customers will recognize you as your brand name
– Establish a customer base and the trust for the brand directly
– Increased marketing opportunities by cross-promotional marketing to boost revenue
– Can collect buyers data and stay connected with customers
– Communicate and announce information freely
– Retarget customers to become repeat buyers
– Get started at a high cost
– No customer base
– The brand has not been trusted
– Setting up the store may cause too much time and money
– Struggle with the technical difficulties
– Need to find a way to promote through social media, ads and learn how to use SEO

We may bring you a little closer or far away from the answer, but there is another question that needs to be answered: Which option is the best for doing the Print on Demand?

Thinking over and over, but still can not decide which way will take you to your destination better?

Unless choosing the only decision may not be the right answer because you can do it both ways. Whether with the Marketplace or starting your own journey, it all depends on how you plan your business.

Small business, no desire to grow

Though, if you do not expect the profits or want to test the water by selling only a few products per month, the Third-Party Marketplace will suit you well.

Small business, with a plan to grow

Starting a sale from the Third-Party Marketplace makes sense for newbies like us. Nevertheless, creating your website is a better thing to do if you have the amount of support.

Sure, in the beginning, it might just be a small channel. But in the future, you will be able to expand your marketing strategy, collect customer data details, run e-mail marketing campaigns, and above all, build trust with customers with pride under your own brand as well.

Ask yourself- What your need are? Once you have got the answer, try to go along with the path, and the goal may reach you sooner or later.

PS. If you can decide Where to start a business but still lacking ideas Please read the POD trend article Here.

Good Luck! 

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