Where to buy clipart for personalized products?

I got a message from Podsonaly users. They’re really serious about artwork. Should I hire a graphic designer or VA for creating personal artwork or buy from a marketplace?

In my experience. When I started to sell personalized products business I tried to save money for graphics and spend harder to test niche keywords by Ads, Seo or etc. When I found the winning keyword. I will scale up by my unique graphic then.

Next question, Where can I buy clipart for personalized products?

I understand with your patient but in this email, I have a recommendation I guarantee to 

Do you think starting a business is exciting and terrifying at the same time?

If you do, We are friends!

Believe that if you follow us until this part. There would be ” No Turning back”

in your vocabulary! So, let’s see where we can find valid Cliparts and still legal at the same time.


Clipart, SVG, Elements, Mockup, Patterns, and many graphics: this is where they belong. With the starting only at $2.00 and if you come in at the right time, you might find a deal like $1/Clipart on this website.

2. Creativemarket

If you are looking for minimal graphics that clean but eye-catching CreativeMarket, will be your answer. But don’t be shocked by the price because the resulting quantity is not just the ten digits, but the 100 to 1000 digits ever. Suitable for people who already had a picture in their head and exactly know, What they want to do.

3. Creativefabrica

A long cast arrives. You probably know that this is a web for graphics, but the specialty of this website is you can subscribe for just $19/month. And download the unlimited design as much as you want until your memory space packed.

4. Thehungryjpeg

Are you looking for an identity style at a reasonable price? It must be here: This is the place where you can stop wondering: Why does that store banner look so good? Where did they get all those pictures and graphics? Finally, you found them here! And I must tell you that they have free Clip art, for those who want to test or play around too!

5. Freepik

Web to download graphics, images, Mockup, patterns, icons, Clipart, backgrounds, and items that need to build your shop. It will be the first place you will be thinking of because you can download them initially for FREE.

6. Crella

If you have a product you want to sell; and looking for a Mockup, but still not attractive nor meets your needs enough. Crella may help you. With a modern look, combine with a stylish design that you will rarely see from anywhere. That will help you grow a charm for your shop by default.

7. Designcuts

Another site for mockup but, DesignCuts will come in the form of a large bundle or a full pack. That makes the price look a little too harsh but, this is their gimmick. That if you buy two or more items, you will get a 50% discount, considered that this is worthwhile for your money compared to what is obtaining.

And this is all for the Commercial Use Clipart that we have hand-picked for you. I hope this helps you ease your mind and get more great ideas. Plus, there’s no need to worry about your shop will blow away because you will get a Copyright or a term of use when purchasing these graphics accurately.

8. Etsy

Finally, whether you have already started building it or are in the process of thought, We wish you all the Best of luck and Go for it!

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